Welcome to IMPKT.tools!

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We are really pleased to launch the beta version of IMPKT.tools

A developing resource for professionals seeking to understand and undertake impact assessments within the cultural heritage sector.

What is IMPKT.tools about?

Being able to understand your impact on society and how to measure and communicate this is becoming increasingly important. However, it is also complex. There is no shared understanding in the sector of what impact is, how to assess it or how even to communicate that in a meaningful way.   That’s why we started this initiative.  We want to build on the work already undertaken in the sector,  learn together and develop tools that enable us to work on impact using a common approach.

Who are we?

IMPKT.tools is a joint initiative of Europeana and Whalebone & Greenstone.  It is supported by Professor Simon Tanner, Kings College London and international cultural heritage associations: the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Digital NZ, Trove and the Ministry of culture in Brazil (IBRAM).

Founded on Europeana’s work in 2015 in the area of impact assessment, Europeana joined forces with strategic narrative agency Whalebone & Greentone to take the work from theory to practice.  Together we are developing an impact assessment toolkit for cultural heritage organisations to use when undertaking their own impact assessments.   If you want to get familiar with the subject, read Harry’s blog where he explains why we think this is important and what we have done so far.

What can you do?

Are you a professional who wants to have a better understanding of impact and what it means to cultural heritage institutions? Are you willing to share your experiences?  Do you want to learn from your peers?  Think you can contribute to  a group that helps us develop tools to establish a common approach to talking about and undertaking impact assessment in the sector?  We are founding a community for people like you.  We have already involved some of the thought leaders in our network: now we need you.

Join us!

We are in beta so don’t expect too much yet.  In the next couple of weeks we will get in touch and share with you how we plan to make progress in this area and what you can do contribute.  We are also exploring how to give the community an online home.  More on that soon. Today you can join our community by signing up:  Tell us who you are and where we can reach you. Ideally you tell us a little bit about yourself and what motivates you.

What next

We leave you with an invitation to browse our board of inspiring stories of impact.  No deep analyses, just interesting stories to start you thinking about the activities around you that create a positive impact. Maybe you already have some great examples? Then we’d love to hear about them and add them to our board of inspiring stories.

Take a look around.  Join our community.  Share your stories.

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