what is impact

and how can we capture it?

what is impact and why is it important

Impact assessment helps us to see the bigger picture. It looks at the impact on society as a result of our actions, taking us beyond the usual measures of return on investment and page clicks.

Demonstrating a balanced return is important for any business, entrepreneur or individual keen to prove the value of their activities. The cultural heritage sector offer rich and deep resources to the teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers, creative industries right down to the person on the street. Impact assessment offers an approach to demonstrating a balanced return on the use of these valuable resources.

From assessment to action:


The impact assessment of Europeana 1914-1918 described how a collection of World War 1 photographs helped to bond communities, but also that people learned less from them than they expected. Language was a critical barrier and European addressed this with a renewed focus on crowdsourcing translations of data through Transcribathons.

building a standard with the cultural heritage sector

A consortium of international cultural heritage associations is working with Professor Simon Tanner to establish a standard for understanding impact within the cultural heritage sector.

We are doing this by developing case studies and a toolkit based on the balanced value impact model. 


a toolkit: under development

We are developing a toolkit to help professionals use a common standard when undertaking an impact assessment within the cultural heritage sector. The toolkit guides you through the process of designing, assessing and narrating the impact of your activities.  


Structure your campaigns, projects and organisational goals to help you understand the impact of these activities.


Learn how to measure & analyse your activities so that you can understand the impact you have on society.


Tell the story of the impact you have on your society, industry and communities; of how you make our world better.

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