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#Europeana280 wanted to change the perception of EU cultural heritage institutions towards openly sharing their collections online specifically so that they could be reused.
Submitted by; Julia Fallon, Europeana

On 21 April 2016, Europeana launched #Europeana280, a cross-border campaign to get people excited about Europe’s shared art heritage by celebrating the diverse and magnificent artworks that are a part of it. All 28 EU Member States were invited to nominate 10 or more pieces of art held in their country that have contributed to a major European art movement. Each country got involved (and Norway too).

Over the course of spring and summer Europeana organised public events using VR (Big Art Ride) around the artworks and organised many experiments on social media like #GIFitup and reached out to art platforms (like Daily Art).

#Europeana280 showed how much more cultural works can be reused when they are released under an open licence.  As a result, cultural heritage institutions are now much more willing to share more of their works openly online & via Europeana.

Source: http://blog.europeana.eu/2016/02/introducing-europeana-280/

Find out more here: Get set, #Europeana280

impressions of #Europeana280 on social media

visits of ‘Faces of Europe' online exhibition

articles in 39 languages created during Europeana Art History Challenge on Wikimedia

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