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Dutch cultural heritage reaches millions online each month.

Increasing the potential for wide distribution of digital objects by using existing online communities to share knowledge through open content.
Submitted by; Maarten Brinkerink, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) can enlarge their audience through the enormous reach of Wikipedia by embedding their digital objects in articles. Whilst it can’t be guaranteed that the readers of the free encyclopedia actually consult the embedded digital object, the potential distribution that is achieved is undeniably enormous.

Since late 2014 the Dutch initiative Open Cultuur Data (Open Culture Data) has been measuring the impact of digital heritage collections from the Netherlands through Wikimedia projects.  Fast forward 3 years and in January 2017 Open Cultuur Data measured that the total amount of pageviews on the Wikipedia articles that reuse digital heritage objects from the Netherlands is 220,000,000!!!

But who really benefits from this? Readers of Wikipedia get free access to the digital heritage objects that have been provided by the GLAMs, in a context that actually fits their information need, since the embedding is the result of volunteer editors and moderators (Wikipedians) and hence fit the information need of the reader.

Source: Open Cultuur Data

Find out more here: Open Cultuur Data

Dutch GLAMs make one or more of their collections available through Wikimedia Commons

digital objects published as a conseqeunce


of these are being reused to enrich articles on Wikipedia

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