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I am for the first time allowed to share my perspective

A tangible example of how opening up art online directly affects individual artists and designers, DIY communities, creatives, improving the conditions for what they want to do.
Submitted by; Merete Sanderhoff, SMK

Following the launch of the public domain policy of SMK, the national gallery of Denmark, American graphic designer Jamie Seaboch shared a pile of beautifully crafted digital collages created from artworks in the collection with the museum. He had stumbled upon the open collection and was so pleased to learn that he was free to re-use it for creative purposes that he wanted to reach out and share his work.

Since the first connection, Jamie has been creating new collages with SMK art on a regular basis, making them publicly available on his website and offering them up for print-on-demand. As the SMK works are in the public domain, Jamie is able to use his derived work commercially.  He explains how the public domain policy of SMK, and other museums, has impacted his work:

“I have been creating collages using international museum collections for 20-25 years (…) But I have only been able to share them with friends and family, knowing that if I were to share them publicly, I would face legal retributions. Now, due to the recent leaders of forward thinking institutions, I am for the first time allowed to share my perspective.”

SMK has worked with Jamie on several occasions. He was invited as one of the contributing artists to the remix exhibition Mix it up! (2015) where four of his collages were printed and exhibited in the SMK galleries next to the original artworks he had remixed. His remixes are featured on a series of postcards sold in the SMK museum shop, and the museum plans to expand the collaboration with him in the context of the digital development project SMK Open.

Find out more here: SMK Open & the Mix it Up! exhibition

high resolution images released by SMK in 2012

photographs of freely available works released by SMK

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