From shirts to tableware, and from wallpaper to scooters, anything is possible using Rijksstudio.  

It led from the Cultural Heritage sector straight to the creative industries.  By providing high quality open images more designers used Rijksstudio content to build or inspire their products enabling the passing forward.
Submitted by; Harry Verwayen, Europeana

In 2012 the Rijksstudio was born. Going against the industry norm at the time, the Rijksmuseum opened up their collections online and invited the creative sector to use them, for free. Via the web platform designed by the museum, users get easy access to the material and can create their own exhibitions. They are encouraged to download and reuse the images in any way possible and to share the results with the Rijksmuseum.

In addition to enabling user generated collections, they embraced designers who used their works, publicising their products and in 2014 awarded the very best products through an annual awards ceremony.  The tradition continues each year that follows, awarding €10,000 to the first prize winner.

Rijksstudio doesn’t stop with user or creators, they support taking new products and initiatives to market.  They partnered online marketplace Etsy to encourage and support selling products online that are based on the works in their collections.  They were a guest of the Bijenkorf, inviting shoppers to explore Rijksstudio and create their own products campaign.

Source: Rijksstudio

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freely reusable digital objects available through Rijksstudio

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